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What is Wilderness Therapy?

When we developed our program, we wanted to focus on the “Three Es”:

    * Effective

    * Efficient

    * Exceptional

After many of hours of research, we found that in the past, these programs had many different labels:

     * Outdoor therapy (or Outdoor Behavioral Therapy)

     * Adventure therapy

     * Therapeutic wilderness camping

Over time, Wilderness Therapy became the most common term and in order to ensure acceptance within the mental health field, we discovered that all programs must follow the same principles:

    * The program must be therapeutically-based with clear assumptions

    *  There must be target outcomes and specific measures of effectiveness

    *  Potential candidates must be clinically screened and once selected, must have an individual

        treatment plan

    * Group and individual therapy must be delivered by qualified professionals

    * Each participant’s progress must be monitored

    * All participants must have an effective aftercare plan that is periodically monitored

What About Into the Wild?

When we designed our program, we wanted to go beyond these requirements and we have! Not only do our clients receive the benefit of being immersed in nature, but they also learn the life skills that they need to succeed such as healthy nutrition (from shopping to food preparation), career counseling, mindfulness training, first aid, CPR, and breathwork for stress control.

Our goal is to not only help our clients find the inner strength they need to live lives of sobriety but also to help them become their best selves. We accomplish this through adventure activities, art therapy, gentle yoga, and a full range of specialized therapeutic events. Holistically focused and confidently delivered, our team truly understands how challenging it can be to turn away from addictions.

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